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What is SEMA Pro and What That Means for the ICI Customer

Did you know? ICI is an active member in SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) and the various SEMA councils including: LTAA (Light Truck Accessory Alliance) and PRO (Professional Restylers Organization). ICI also supports the efforts of SEMA Cares and YEN (Young Executives Network). ICI is very proud of our status as a SEMA member for a few reasons. The PRO council is dedicated to addressing the challenges facing the restyling segment of the specialty equipment automotive industry. PRO works to develop effective strategies for dealing with industry specific issues such as improving OEM relations. One example of this is how PRO bridges the gap between companies like ICI and the major vehicle manufacturers to ensure that aftermarket products manufactured by SEMA PRO members will not void the vehicle’s warranty. PRO offers a number of other benefits to its members, many of which translate into value and a better product for the end consumer.

Mike Stanifer, National Sales Manager at ICI, is in his second term as a PRO Select Committee Member. He feels passionate about the positive things PRO, and councils like PRO, bring to the  specialty equipment automotive industry. “I feel strong about improving our industry as a whole. I feel it is my responsibility to give back to the industry that has given me so many opportunities,” says Mike. Because of this relationship, ICI participates in important discussions that help shape the future of the restyling industry.

One of the challenges the industry faces is the awareness of aftermarket products at the consumer level. PRO and ICI along with several other quality manufactures are currently working with the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association to promote the value of aftermarket accessories to consumers and dealers. The end goal is to make it easier for both dealers and consumers to find aftermarket products to customize their vehicle. For more information about SEMA Pro please contact Clayton Drescher at SEMA – or 909-978-6696.


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