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Battle of the Trucks: 2020 F-150 Raptor vs. RAM 1500 TRX

Ding, ding! Get ready to RUMBLE. We’re comparing the top Ford truck to RAM’s leading contender: the F-150 Raptor* vs. RAM 1500 TRX.

Ford F-150 Raptor vs RAM 1500 TRX
Photo by Marc Urbano | Car and Driver

The ICI team is split on the decision and many of our followers love both, so we’re breaking it down to specifics. This blog will compare features like power, handling, sound systems, and more to decide once and for all. Who’s better?

* We’re comparing the 2020 Ford F-150 Raptor because the standard engine isn’t scheduled to change in 2021.

Power and Handling

Let’s kick it off with horses. The Ford Raptor’s 24-valve, 3.5L twin-turbo HO EcoBoost engine offers 450 horsepower with 510 lb-ft of torque. Impressive, but the RAM blows it off the line. The new RAM 1500 TRX cranks 702 horsepower with 650 lb-ft of torque. Under the RAM TRX’s hood is a Supercharged 6.2L Hemi V8, so it’s no surprise the engine boasts best-in-class horsepower and torque.

Powerful engines guzzle gas and the RAM TRX is no exception. It gets a measly 12 mpg combined. The Ford Raptor is better at 16 mpg, but with an “eco” engine, we’d expect more.

Suspension and Clearance

Ford F-150 Raptor and RAM 1500 TRX airborne.
Photo by Marc Urbano | Car and Driver

Both designer trucks have designer shocks... Shocking. The RAM TRX is ready for the outdoors with 11.8” of ground clearance. This is thanks to their all-new Bilstein Black Hawk e² shock system, exclusive to TRX. The Ford Raptor is working with high-output, off-road FOX Live Valve Racing Shox, another class-exclusive. It gets a little less ground clearance than the RAM, hovering at 11.5”.

Cruise Control

The Ford Raptor is special for its “Trail Control.” It’s a high-tech cruise control system designed for low-traction, rugged terrain. It’s handy for off-roading since the truck automatically sends and stops torque to the wheels individually as conditions change. Both the Ford and RAM models have adaptive cruise control.

Interior and Audio

If you haven’t checked out the new RAM TRX’s interior, you’re missing out. The “throne,” formerly known as a driver seat, has a 12-inch touchscreen display complete with a HUD (head-up display). It “serves as your virtual cockpit,” says the RAM website.

The RAM TRX hosts a 900-watt 19-speaker Harman Kardon premium audio system featuring materials exclusive to the make. The Ford Raptor has a comparable premium Bang & Olufsen sound system. However, it comes up short with only 10 speakers and 750 watts of amplified power.

Another new feature worth noting is the RAM TRX’s aluminum shift paddles. Aesthetically, they look sleek with their flat-bottom design and carbon fiber or suede accents. They step up the RAM TRX making it look - and drive - like a performance vehicle.

Photos by Marc Urbano | Car and Driver


So how much do all of these cool features cost? Buyers should expect to pay top dollar for these leading trucks. RAM put a lot of energy and effort into the 2021 RAM TRX - and it shows. However, so does the price tag. The model starts at $69,995. The F-150 Raptor is a more friendly financial decision, starting at $53,455.

Side by Side Specs

TLDR? No worries. Here’s a breakdown of the specs for you.

Alumilite Aftermarket Raptor and TRX Bumpers

Whether you are team Raptor or team TRX, we carry Alumilite bumpers for both truck brands. Our aluminum front bumper for the 2nd generation F-150 Raptor will be in stock just in time for summer (2021) and we already have our engineers grinding away to develop the front end for the brand new 2021 RAM Rebel TRX. Let us know who you are backing!

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